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Receicing Station Westgaste and Utlandshörn until 1981
Receiving Station Utlandshörn 1981 - 1998
Transmitting Station Norddeich

Transmitting Station Osterloog

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My Time at Norddeich Radio

This Site is organized for a better overview:

                            Receiving Station Utlandshörn
                      Transmitting Station Osterloog
                            Transmitting Station Norddeich

From December 6, 1971 to December 12, 1995 I worked in radio service for Norddeich Radio, 
only interrupted by a three month assignment in Hamburg.

Since the closure of Norddeich Radio in 1998, the “Deutsche Telekom” and “T-Mobile”, use
the central operation center in Utlandshörn for their “Call Center” and administration departments,
which employ several hundreds of people.
On the 31st of December 2011 the “Deutsche Telekom” ceased all operations, and only one VHF-Antenna
remained as the lonely “guard”. Once all the activities ceased, the nature took over this property, and created
a natural paradise for scarce owls, birds and other wild animals. Unfortunately, the year 2013 was the end of
this natural habitat.The initial building and the antenna area was purchased by a private investor.
The building is now used for several exhibitions, and a museum was created to show wireless techniques and
exposing equipment, which never had anything to do with Norddeich Radio.The operator was never employed
by the “Deutsche Bundespost” nor the “Deutsche Telekom”, and it was neither involved in the commercial
marine radio services. However, the operator is taking advantage of the good images produced by  Norddeich Radio
for an effective presentation of itself.
We would like to mention that previous employees of Norddeich Radio, which was under administration until 2011,
have founded the “Museum Norddeich Radio e.V”.In the city center of Norden, a building has been leased, which
is now undergoing a complete renovation, and has been classified under preservation of ancient monuments
The opening of this legendary marine radio station is planned in the near future, and presentations by previous
employees will be available to discover the original equipment, videos, charts and its history.

The origin and history of this coastal radio station in detail is too wide an effort for here, 
moreover there are many good publications
on the Internet, for example by
Sylvester Föcking, Rolf Marschner, Henning Ullrich, Heinrich Busch and Fritz Deiters.
A visit to their Sites will be rewarding.

For pictures I have used exclusive private Fotos.  I know that today there are many "Fans" 
of this coastal station, and agree that they may be used as long as there is no commercial 
purpose or use.
The publishing of the 4 photo-galleries was not possible without the assistance of 
Mr. Hans-Heinrich de Joung, DL3QW, who kindly made many photos to disposal for the web site. 
These photos are rare and partly never published.
Hans-Heinrich de Joung has been the technical staff manager of  the transmitting station 
Osterloog in the years 1964 - 1993.

Certainly if any visitor to this Site has a question about Norddeich Radio, I will gladly reply.  
Please E-Mail to:  Hans-Jörg Pust at
or for technical questions about transmitters and antennas 
mail to Hans-Heinrich de Joung at