Photo-Gallery  Norddeich Radio

Transmitting Station Osterloog
Position: 53.38.05 North  07.12.10 East

Short history:
 The transmitting station Osterloog was built in 1937 and operated  as 
 a broadcasting station until  1965 on MF and HF. 
 1967 the former "Deutsche Bundespost"  took possession of the area for 
 transmitting purposes for Norddeich Radio.
 After closing Norddeich Radio in 1998 all transmitters were removed  and antennas
 were pulled down.
The building stood long empty, but will soon, in part, house the Seal Breeding and Research Station Norddeich. 
The changes inside will begin shortly.  There will be a quarantine station for seals,
and a treatment center for oil-polluted sea birds.  Additional uses for this large, former antenna area, are not in sight.

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Broadcasting station Osterloog

Broadcasting station Osterloog, photo from 1950

HF-Broadcast transmitting antenna

Near View of this antenna.

Transmitter Room

Broadcast transmitter room in Osterloog. Photo from 1950

MF Transmitter

Broadcast Medium Wave Transmitter, Power: 100 KW

Transmitting Station Osterloog

View from the antenna mast

The building of the transmitter station, view from 132 m antenna mast of the 500-kHz-MF Transmitter


Antenna mast 500-kHz-MF transmitter. View from 132 m height. In the foreground red warning lamp for aircrafts.

"Antenna Foot"

Antenna foot and insulator of 500-kHz-mast. On the right side antenna lead-in to the tuning stage.


One of the four Log-Periodic antennas. Basis for good connection to the ship stations


The other type of the "LP's". The Log-Periodic antennas were mostly used for radio telephony and Sitor-Traffic on HF.


Norddeich Radio's 5 MF-transmitters with 5 KW for 444, 474, 500 und 512 kHz.(1 reserve transmitter). Right "S117" , a combined transmitter for coastal and short wave telephony with 10 KW power.

Coastal telephony transmitter with 10 KW

Emergency Unit

One of the 2 emergency units in Osterloog, each with 450 KVA.


"Siemens" HF-Transmitter with 20 KW, mostly used on radio telephony.


The last transmitters working for Norddeich Radio from firm "Marconi" in UK. Power: 10 KW. Mostly used for Radio Telex (Sitor). Tuning time only 6 seconds.

Antenna View

Left the 132 m high mast for 500 kHZ, in the middle the "LP3" antenna, directed 270 degress to the North Atlantic and U.S.A. East Coast. On the right one of the several MF transmitting antennas.

"Cage Antenna"

Left in the foreground, a "Cage Antenna" for HF and coastal telephony.


"Fan-Antenna", behind it several LP's and MF-transmitting antennas.

"Morning View"

Early morning in Norddeich. A view of the  transmitting station to all who came by ship from the islands of Juist or Norderney.

The complete antenna field at 1990.

last view from Osterloog. ....

Winter 2004

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