Photo-Gallery Norddeich Radio

Transmitting Station Norddeich
Position: 53.36.17 North  07.08.21 East

Short history:
The transmitting station "Norddeich" existed in the years 1905 until 1970.
This station was replaced by the transmitting station "Osterloog".
The building is still existing -  the former anntenna field is now a camping site.

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The beginning

Erection of the first antennas 1905

First transmitter

The first transmitter of Norddeich Radio. "Spark Transmitter" with 1,5 KW output.

"Heavy Storm"

On 25th November 1925 a heavy storm destroyed 3 antenna masts. Perhaps the construction engineer was not happy.

Transmitting station 1926

The replaced antenna masts are on the left.


A company of common soldiers were detached to guard the transmitting station during World War I. 1914-1918.

A "Fearsome" Troop.

Telegram 1914

This telegram was transmitted from the German Passenger Liner "Graf Waldersee" trough Norddeich Radio.

A rare document.

First Transmitter with valves

First transmitter with valves at Norddeich Radio at 1925, power: 2,5 KW

Transmitter Room

Transmitter room Norddeich at 1925. Look at the big tiled stove on the right side !

Transmitter room 1929

On the left side short wave transmitter with 10 KW. On the right side 20-KW long wave transmitter and transmitter for coastal telephony (1,6 - 3,8 MHz) with 5 KW.


Tuning stage for 20-KW long wave transmitter, photo from 1929

"Antenna switch"

In this mast the different antenna wires were concentrated, and connections to the transmitters established 

Another view of the antenna switch

HF Transmitter

"Telefunken" short wave transmitter with 20  KW. Driver stage and 5 power amplifier stages. Photo from 1935

HF Transmitter

"Telefunken" short wave transmitter with 10 KW, this transmitter was used until 1965. Photo from 1935

Transmitting Station

Transmitting Station Norddeich. Photo from 1950.

Mighty Mast

One of the mighty antenna masts.

"Pope Finger"

Short wave transmitting antenna, a so called "Pope Finger". The anntenna masts of the Vatican's broadcasting station were of the same model, this explains the strange name.

In the mast

Photo from 1958. View from an antenna. Right an antenna mechanic.

Transmitter Room

Transmitter room of the transmitting station Norddeich in the 50's

Transmitter room in Norddeich in the 60's.

Left 2 medium wave transmitters with 5 KW. In the middle the control position.

"Pope's-Finger" 1973

This antenna mast remains on the former antenna field as a memorial and tourist attraction.

Broke off January 1975

After parts of the upper mast fell down during a storm, this last antenna was taken down for safety reasons.

The transmitting station "Norddeich",


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