Photo-Gallery Norddeich Radio

Receiving Station Westgaste 
and Receiving Station Utlandshörn 
until 1981

Short history:
Due to the continuous increasing power of the transmitters it was necessary to separate receivers and transmitters
after the beginning of Norddeich Radio on 11/20/1905.
Therefore the receiving station "Westgaste" was built 1923 in the  town of Norden.
But electrical interference from other buildings caused  bad reception of radio signals.
For this reason a new receiving station "Utlandshörn" was built close to the dike about 7 km west of Norden.
This receiving station was operated until closing 1999.
Today,  "Deutsche Telekom" is operating  a telephone call and service center there.

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1st receiving station
The first receiving station "Westgaste" in Norden 1924


Radio Room
Radio Room 1924


"Men's Singing Club"

The staff of Norddeich Radio in the year 1925, here as a men's singing club

Westgaste 1926
Receiving station"Westgaste" 1926. Position for first test reception from the German passenger liner "Cap Polonio"


"Silence Period"
Night shift 1926 -  Look at the big water kettle with the teapot. Right an empty brandy bottle (?)....


A "MUZE" (Marine Universal Zell-Empfänger = Marine Universal Cell Receiver) Receiving station Westgaste 1924.


Radio Operator in Westgaste 1924.
This is the later manager of Norddeich Radio, Gottfried Nanninga


Utlandshörn 1931
New receiving station"Utlandshörn" during the erection.


Receiving station 1940.
In the background the  barracks of the German navy radio group, which were detached there during WW II.


Radio Telephony Position
HF radio telephony position 1938 in Utlandshörn.


Main Entrance of the Receiving Station

Photo from 1940


Antenna Field of the Receiving Station

Photo from about 1949


Coastal Telephony Position

Photo from 1950.


Coastal Telephony Position

On the right side the amplifiers for the telephone lines and receiving antennas.

Photo from 1951

500 KHz-Position

Distress and Calling Position
for Medium Wave

Photo from 1954

Teletype Positions

On the right side the Super Visor.

Photo from 1955

Short Wave Position

Hugo Wegener keeps watch.
On the right side two "Telefunken
E454 Bs"-Receivers.

(Photo from the early 50's. Thanks to
Frank Wegener)
Short Wave Position

On the left side a "Telefunken E52-
In the background Walter Wollweber, later
Super Visor at Norddeich Radio.
(Photo from the early 50's. Thanks to
Frank Wegener)

Radio Room

Radio Room in Utlandshörn.

Photo from approx. 1955

"Loft-Radio" 1956 - 1957
During alteration of the radio room the radio operation of Norddeich Radio was maintained temporarily under the roof with a disastrous lack of space.

500 kHz position
Peter Kook, the later supervisor of "Team 6" copying a distress message on 500 kHz position. Even now he is drinking coffee... Photo from 1962

Coastal telefony position.
1st channel (2614 kHz) in the year 1966. Once again P. Kook


Old Antenna Mast
A rare, never published document. The old antenna mast (all oak wood) from 1931 shortly before it was pulled down. The new Log-Periodic Antennas are already erected. Photo from 1976

HF Position
HF radio telegraphy position at 1974 still in the old building. The radio operator in the foreground is keeping watch on 22 MHz DAN. Look at the different types of morse keys, some are home made.
Direction finder 1974. Calibrated for the frequency range 400 kcs - 3.800 kcs.

"German Bight" map for the directional radio net of the 3 German DF-Stations: Norddeich, Elbe-Weser and St. Peter-Ording. The accuracy was high, about 0,5 - 1,0 nm during normal circumstances.


Last DF-Position
The new direction finder, which was used until 1994, - then the German DF-Net was suspended.




"Black & White"

Two female teletype operators at one of many teletype positions.


Teletype Room
All radio telegrams from the ships were delivered from here to
the inland and foreign countries.
Telegrams also arrived here from ashore, also press bulletins, weather reports,
and navigational warnings which were transmitted to all ships.

VHF Telephony
VHF Telephony Position in the old building 1975. Monika Schünke is operationg 3 channels simultaneously.



Uda de Boer is operating the same position.

Coastal Telephony
One of the MF radio telephony positions 1977 in the old building. Receiver: Rhode&Schwarz EK07". In the background apparatus to tune the carrier .


Direct connection to Kiel Radio

This ancient telephone was located near the distress position "500 kHz" for direct connection to Kiel Radio (Baltic Sea).
A wisecracker  added following to the label:
"FFB 2x rings, WCC 3x rings"

Radio Telegraphy Watch Position

Left, 2 Telefunken Receivers     (E 1506) for simultanous
reception of the "Group" and Common Channel". The typewriter ("Olympia") had only typebars for small letters and figures.
(Photo from 1981)

Radio Telex (Sitor) Position in the old building at 1977



"Night Shift"
Monologue No 1":

"The ships signal is very weak. How can I get the QTH (Position) .."

"Night Shift
Monologue No 2":

"How many telegrams does the ship still have for me ?
It's becoming more and more.."
Hans-J. Pust on September 15th 1981

"Night Shift Impressions"

September 15th 1981, 05.10 l/t. Nearly 2 hours until shift's end.
Time for small talk.
8 and 16 MHz are on the air.
Equipment removed to the new building.
The old teletype room is deserted.

11/16/81 Removal

The former watch position "500 kHz". All positions in the new building are already running.

Receiving Station Utlandshörn from 1981 - 1998
Transmitting Station Norddeich
Transmitting Station Osterloog