Photo-Gallery Norddeich Radio

Receiving Station and Service Center Utlandshörn
 1981 - 1998
Position: 53.33.46 North  07.06.29 East

Short history:
Due to the continuous increasing power of the transmitters it was necessary to separate receivers and transmitters
after the beginning of Norddeich Radio on 11/20/1905.
Therefore the receiving station "Westgaste" was built 1923 in the  town of Norden.
But electrical interference from other buildings caused  bad reception of radio signals.
For this reason a new receiving station "Utlandshörn" was built close to the dike about 7 km west of Norden.
This receiving station was operated until closing 1999.
Today,  "Deutsche Telekom" is operating  a telephone call and service center there.

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Receiving Station Utlandshörn

A familiar view for nearly 65 years
Until 31st of December 2011 this historical building was hosting the Telecom company "T-Mobile" Call Center with 250 employees. Since the beginning of the New Year this building has been closed without any future plans for utilization. Most of the employees have been made redundant, some of them been transferred to other locations.
In the fullest sense of the word, the lights in this building have been extinguished, for ever...

New building

New building 1977 during the erection. In the groundfloor was the radio equipment and in the 1st floor the radio operator staff.

Moved into the new building.
On November 16'th 1981 it was officially put into operation.


Receiving Antenna

This antenna was used in the medium wave and coastal telephony range.  (410 - 525 KHz
and 1,6 - 3,8 MHz)  Height 50 meters. In the background a Beverage-Antenna.

Antenna Insulator

The insulator  carries the complete mast. Left the antenna lead-in, right the grounding cable.
Supervisor at his desk

Günter Lüken is managing the 13-20 Hour-Shift.


500 kHz Position

Watch position for distress and calls on 500 kHz.
Christmas traffic, - the "Telegram Drum" is filled up-


500 kHz-Receivers

2 receivers at the 500-kHz-watch position. Below the "Telefunken E1506" and the other is is a "Rhode&Schwarz" remote control receiver located near Cuxhaven.

Night shift.

Only a few of the radiotelegraphy positions are staffed.


Coastal Telephony

Elke Tieman is operating the 2nd channel. (2153/2799 kHz)


Coastal Telephony

Combined HF/VHF and coastal telephony position with Lilo Hein at 1982


"Norddeich Radio Couple"

One of the "Norddeich Radio Couples". Radio telegraphy and radio telephony together:
Lilo and Peter Hein.


Service at New Year's Eve

Monika Schünke makes the first New Years's calls.


Last year: 1998

Radio-telegrapgy is already suspended. Only VHF-Positions are left for the North Sea and Baltic Sea ranges. The remaining female radio-telephony operators will soon be retrained for other duties.

An omni-directional HF-Receiving Antenna (Height approximately 80 m)  

My last watch

Last watch 1996. HF Radio Telephony on 8 MHz DAJ

Empty Radio Room

Photo from 1996


Sitor (Radio Telex) Position for 4 Channels

At this position the ships were automatically connected to the land subscribers. Equipment from "Thrane&Thrane, Denmark. (Photo from 1994)

Pull-down of the Sitor-Room

The "Data Service Center" was  established here later, but  is  closed today.
(Photo from 1995)
View from the year 1976

The start of the bitter end

The first log-periodic is torn off. June 1999


The antennas were removed by cutting them into sections with gas cutting torches.

This is how it looks today: January 2012




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