Transmitting Station Norddeich
The first Norddeich Radio transmitting installation, in service since 1905, should not go unremarked.  This installation reflects extraordinary technical change in it's 63 years of service.
The 120 m high antenna masts were for decades a true sign of this installation, and recently sported a red blinking light, a heraldic symbol for Norddeich Radio.

The old transmitting station Norddeich. The receiving station Utlandshörn is visible in the background between the 2nd and 3rd antennas on the left. This photo is probably from the early 50's.
Older seafarers remember that when travelling to the islands of Juist and Norderney, they had a very good view of the antennas when they were in deep water way.
The last transmitter was shut down in 1970, and they began taking down the antennas.  One 120 m mast was left up as a tourist attraction and monument.  By 1975, age and time had caught up with this relic, and part of the upper mast broke off, fell, and  tuck in the ground.  Due to cost and safety concerns, the last mast was taken down.
In recent years the area has been converted to a nice modern campground, and the building converted to the camping headquarters, sanitary facilities, a restaurant and tavern.
It is good to know that today the massive reinforced antenna foundations are still distributed around the camping area as a sign of the technical aera that certainly will not be forgotten.
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