Ships Photo Archives of the
Shipping Company Fritzen
 from 1945 until 1979

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 Flag of the shipping company

"Neptunhaus" - Am Delft 34,  Emden
Destination for many sailors for
several generations. Teared down 2009

 Heraldic Figure of  Emden

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In this website, you will find two Fritzen Archives, which include the first vessels from creation of the Fritzen shipping company until 1945, but also the vessels serving during the time between 1945 and 1979.
What initiated this extensive research and documentation?
I have sailed as Radio Officer on Fritzen vessels for some years before I have changed “sides” and served as Radio Operator at “Radio Norddeich” for the worldwide fleet.
It is not surprising that the wish to develop and offer this information about these vessels on the Internet arise. This initiated the website for the Fritzen vessels serving from 1945 until 1979.
Hans-Jürgen Hollstein from Geneva in Switzerland by E-mail has contacted me with the recommendation to present documentation of the entire Fritzen fleet.
A number of ex-Fritzen Seafarers will remember Hans-Jürgen Hollstein. He served as junior until he became chief engineer within this company. He was then working for Cargill International Group as superintendent and technical director in Geneva and Hong Kong from 1974 until his retirement.
At first, I was reluctant, but later I agreed to his proposal. I have to admit that without his help this project would not have developed. Not only did he provide the technical information but also the extensive ship photo materials. For a number of vessels, no photos could be retrieved but via the ship building yards, the sister vessels have been identified and the photos traced.
Further extensive information from following books have been retrieved:
Gert Uwe Detlefsen, “Deutsche Reedereien, Band 12”
Reinhardt Schmelzkopf, „Die deutsche Handelsschiffahrt 1919 -1939 (Band 1 + 2)“
Ludwig Dinklage, „Die deutsche Handelsflotte 1939 -1945 (Band 1 + 2)“
Heinz Schön, „Flucht über die Ostsee 1944/45 im Bild“
„Foto-Flite“ / UK provided photos of the latest Fritzen vessels with their particular permission to publish these photos in the Internet.
Have fun by screening these archives. You will certainly find your Fritzen vessel as well.

Comments, recommendations, or any unpublished ship photos or qualified critics are most welcome.

Short history of the shipping company Fritzen in Emden:
In 1919, Johannes Fritzen became a partner and an associate of the company Lexzau, Scharbau & Co., founded 1879.
This company was handling shipping and inland waterways transports from the "Düsseldorfer Stahlverbundes to the sea port of Emden.
In 1923, Johannes Fritzen left this company, and then founded the "Emder Dampferkompagnie Nübel & Fritzen AG" company with his partner Wilhelm Nübel.

Start with purchased ships. 
1925 dividing of Nuebel and Fritzen.
1926 further purchase of British and German ships. Employment in the
ore and coal shipping.
1936 took possesion of the shipping company Kunstmann in Stettin.
The shipping company is called now "Johs. Fritzen & Sohn".
In world war 2 nearly total casualty of all ships.
1950 first new constructions as "Jacobus Fritzen", followed by
"Reimar Edzard Fritzen" and "Hertha Engeline Fritzen" in the years 1951/1952.
Aditionally two British ships were purchased and in service as "Katharina Dorothea
Fritzen" and "Erika Fritzen".
Further expansion of the Fritzen-fleet, which was in the 50's the largest
shipping company in Emden.
1963 because of financial difficulties Fritzen was taken over by the Thyssen-Bornemisza-Group.
New name is now "Fritzen Schiffsagentur und Bereederungs-GmbH".
End of the 70ies the Swiss company "Suisse-Outremer" takes over all shipping
activities from Emden.
A small tug and ship's agency service remained and was taken over by " Wessels-Schlepp-Gesellschaft mbH
& Co. KG. ". It closed business in 1987. Only the last tug named " Fritzen II " is today still in service in
the port of Emden.
Since 2011 " Johs. Fritzen & Sohn GmbH is again owned by the Fritzen family.
In the same year " Johs. Fritzen & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG " was added in the port of Hamburg.
The scope of service includes project development and project managment in shipbuilding.

 M/S "Jacobus Fritzen"

 S/S "Katharina Dorothea Fritzen"

 IMO 5321241
        Call Sign: DCUP, 2920 GRT. 1.250 HP, 11,5 Kts.
In service 16.9.1950. 1962 sold as "Sevenstars" to Panama.
1963 as "Gleam" to Lebanon. End of 1974 broken up in Italy.

                                                    IMO 1149489                                                 
Call Sign: DCUX, 6.365 t GRT 10.394 , 2.200 HP, 9 Kts.
1929 as British "Grainton" in service. 1950 delivered to Fritzen.
1961 broken up in Japan.

M/S "Reimar Edzard Fritzen"

 M/S "Herta Engeline Fritzen"

                                                   IMO 5292359                                           
Call Sign: DCVS, 10.020 GRT, 4000 HP, 12,5 Kts.
1951 in service. 1963 sold as "Archon Michael" to Greece. 
5/1/75 near Nakskov aground. Salvaged, in Lübeck docked and subsequently declared as  total loss.
June 1975 broken up in Hamburg.

                           IMO 5149655                     
Call Sign: DCWE, 10.000 GRT, 4000 HP, 12 Kts,
4.9.51 in service,  July 1964 sold as "Eastern Meteor" to Manila, 1977 as "NEW MAN FU" to Panama,
1978 name changed to "Char Cheng". 
April 1981 broken up in Kaohsiung.

  S/S "Erika Fritzen"

  S/S "Hermann Fritzen"

                         IMO 1161525                       
Call Sign: DCWL, 10.250 GRT, 2.300 HP, 12 Kts.
6.6.1929 in service as British "Nurtureton". January 1953 to Fritzen.
May 1960 sold as "Mongkog" to Hongkong. August 1960 broken up in Hongkong.

                                                          IMO 1123165                                                  
Call Sign: DAPK, 3.898 GRT. 9 Kts. 1.850 HP.
1906 in service as British "Nonsuch". 1913 name changed to "Clearway". 1925 sold as "Efstathios" to Greece.
1925 sold as "Werner Kunstmann" to Stettin. 1938 name changed to "Hermann Fritzen".
1944 sank after air-raid in Hamburg harbour. 1949 raised, repaired and again in service. April 1959 broken up in Hamburg.

 M/S "Dora Fritzen"

  S/S "Gertrud Fritzen"

                        IMO 5092709                              
CallSign: DCCC, 16.206 GRT, 7.200 HP, 15 Kts.
In service September1954, Early 1960 in Bremen rebuild to combined Ore/Oil-Carrier.

November 1968 ships name changed to "Stolt Fritzen". December 1971 in Kaohsiung broken up.

      IMO 5130123    
Call Sign: DCFA, 22.997 GRT, 10.000 HP, 15,5 Kts.
In service December 1955. 1969 sold as "Varuna Kanchan" to India.
February 1976 in Blyth broken up.

"Gertrud Fritzen"  leaving Rotterdam on
                    the river Schelde

 S/S "Ilse Fritzen


       IMO 5159181     
Call Sign: DCDL, 23.360 GRT, 8.500 HP, 15,5 Kts.
October 1956 in service. 1970 sold as "Intrepid Colocotronis" to Greece.
August 1974 boiler damage. November 1974 broken up in Hamburg.

   S/S "Carl Fritzen"

 M/T "Seestern"

 IMO 5063760
Call Sign: DCIK, 12.505 GRT, 5.700 HP, 15 Kts.
October 1956 in service, in December 1965 sold as  "Michael E." to Greece,
1978 as "Golden Tiger" to Panama. May 1978 in Kaohsiung broken up.

  IMO 5317379 
Call Sign: DABF, 32.357 GRT, 13.800 HP, 14 Kts.
October 1954 in service as  Norwegian "Bergeland".  June 1962 as "Seestern" to Fritzen.
1968 sold as "Friedland" to Somalia. April 1976 broken up in Mansan (Korea).

 S/S "Anna Katrin Fritzen"

   S/S "Susanne Fritzen"

IMO 5018569
 Call Sign:
DDQG, 16.275 GRT, 6.500 HP, 15 Kts.
November 1958 in service. 1973 sold as "Katrin" to Greece.
July 1976 boiler damage in Cork. Not repaired and February 1977 broken up in Bilbao/Spain

IMO 5345857
Sister ship of "Anna Katrin Fritzen". Call Sign: DDQO, 16.275 GRT, 6.500 HP, 15,5 Kts.
In service January 1959.  Sold as  "Andreas E." 1972 to Greece. 1975 renamed to "Margit B."
May 1977 boiler damage near Djeddah. 1978 with tug to Piräus. March 1979 broken up in Barcelona.

S/S "Susanne Fritzen" in Emden

"Susanne Fritzen"
  Passing one lock of the "Great Lakes"


 M/S "Dorado"

 M/S "Delphina"

IMO 6420446
Call Sign: 6ZAA, 42.979 GRT, 12.000 HP, 15 Kts.
In service Nov. 1964, 1979 sold as "TIAN SHUI HAI" to China.
1984 as "COSCO QINGDAO" -  1994 cancelled from ships register

                                                         IMO 5419517                                                       
Sister ship of  "Dorado". Call Sign: 5MRP, 42.300 GRT, 12.000 HP, 15 Kts.
November 1963 in service, 1974 as "Splendid Honour".
1977 as "Leros". 1978 as Skyline". 1980 as "Sunrise". 18.02.85 broken up in Tung Kuan (China)

 S/S "Johannes Fritzen" 

  M/S "Balbina"

 IMO 5172937
Call Sign:  DCOK, 36.807 GRT, 12.700 HP, 16,5 Kts.
July 1962 in service. 1975 sold as  "Pampero I" to Argentine.
November 1979 boiler damage.  April 1981 broken up in Kaohsiung.

IMO 6711601
Call Sign: 6ZXP, 85.461 GRT, 18.400 HP, 15,5 Kts.
In service May 1967 in Kure (Japan). 1983 sold as "Aghia Marina" to Greece.
September 1983 in the Adriatic Sea fire in engine room. With tug to Piräus and later brokened up.     

  M/S "Balbina"    

 M/S "Mozart"


                                                            IMO   6910130                                                        
Sister ship of "Balbina". Call Sign: ELXR, 85.989 GRT, 18.400 HP, 15,5 Kts.
In service January 1969 in Kure/Japan. 1983 sold as "Sea Victory" to Liberia.
1991 as "Venice". 1995 as "Denebe". 1995 in Alang broken up.

  M/S "Yemanja"


"Recife" October 1973 in the ship yard of Dunkerque.
( Photo by Reiner Plass, Karlstadt - Germany)

       "Recife in the English Chanel

   M/S "Recife"

 IMO 7306116
Call Sign: 5LJU, 160.186 GRT, 32.000 HP, 16 Kts.
June 1973 in Dunkerque in service. 1983 sold as  "Gulf Beauport" to Canada.
986 sold as  "Hudson Bay" to Cyprus. 1986 sold to Panama as  "Hudson Bay I."
May 1996 in Alang broken up.

IMO 7333767
Sister ship of  "Yemanja". Call Sign: ELSM, 160.186 GRT, 32.000 HP, 16 Kts.
February 1974 in Dunkerque in service. 1983 sold as "Westin" to Korea.
1989 as "Hanjin New Castle" . July 1993 in Huangpu/China broken up.

  Ships of  San Juan Carriers Ltd.
managed by Fritzen



(Thanks to Hans-Jürgen Hollstein for technical informations)


Link to the complete fleet of the San Juan Carriers Ltd.


Following ships were managed and staffed from 1956 - 1960 by the shipping company Fritzen in Emden:

S/S "Harvey S. Mudd"

IDNo: 5143571

S/S "Allan D. Christensen"

IDNo: 5011767

Call Sign: ELYX,  shipyard: Nippon Kokan, Yokohama, launched 12.12.1955, in service 3/1956,
2 GE High press turbines 12.500 BHP, 11.412 tons, DWT 31.662, length overall: 199,64 m, beam: 26,52 m,
1968 as "Dryad", 1970 as "Golfo di Taranto", 5/31/1977 broken up in Vado Ligure

Call Sign: 5LBM, shipyard: Nippon Kokan, Yokohama, launched 4/2/1956, in service 8/1956,
2 GE high press turbines 12.500 BHP, 11.266 tons, DWT 31.490, length overall 199,6 m, beam 26,2 m
1956 - 1978 as "Oread", 5/3/1978 broken up in Kaohsiung

M/V "San Juan Trader"

IDNo: 6611538

S/S "San Juan Merchant"

IDNo: 5310096

Call sign: ELYY, shipyard Deutsche Werft AG, Hamburg, launched 09.12.1936, in service 1/1937
 as norwegian tanker "Strinda", 1956 rebuild to combined ore/oil-carrier,, length overall 155.1 m, beam  21,1 m,
 1956 - 1962 as "San Juan Trader",  28.10.1962 broken up in Split

Call sign: 5LXK, ship yard Nippon Kokan, Yokohama, launched 12/9/1958, in service 2/1959,
31.100 tons, DWT 52.232, length overall 225,2 m, beam 30,5 m, 1970 as "Marconaflow Merchant",
broken up  10/04/1976 in Pusan

Following ships were managed by the shipping company Fritzen in Emden,
but were not staffed by Fritzen:

Netherlands (Halcyon Lijn BV, Den Haag)
M/S "Stad Delft" (PHRC)                          M/S "Stad Gouda" (PHRE)                      
M/S "Stad Utrecht" (PHRP)                      M/S "Stad Maastricht" (PHRK)           
M/S "Stad Kampen" (PHRH)                    M/S "Stad Den Haag" (PHRB)
M/S "Stad Vlaardingen" (PHRS)              M/S "Stad Zwolle" (PHRU)     

Photo Gallery of the Halcyon-Ships

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