Ships Photo Archive of the
Shipping Company Fritzen
from 1923 until 1945

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Flag of the shipping company

Heraldic Figure of  Emden


Building of the shipping company Johs. Fritzen until 1945 in Stettin, Bollwerk 1
and shipping company W. Kunstmann until 1936 in Stettin, Bollwerk 1a
and the shipping company Emil R. Retzlaff until 1932 in Stettin, Bollwerk 1b
(PDF-Link to the Retzlaff-Site)

"Neptunhaus" Am Delft 34, Emden
Destination for many sailors for
several generations. Teared down 2009



Link to Foto-Archive of the Fritzen Ships 1945 - 1979


In this website, you will find two Fritzen Archives, which include the first vessels from creation of the Fritzen shipping company until 1945, but also the vessels serving during the time between 1945 and 1979.
What initiated this extensive research and documentation?
I have sailed as Radio Officer on Fritzen vessels for some years before I have changed “sides” and served as Radio Operator at “Radio Norddeich” for the worldwide fleet.
It is not surprising that the wish to develop and offer this information about these vessels on the Internet arise. This initiated the website for the Fritzen vessels serving from 1945 until 1979.
Hans-Jürgen Hollstein from Geneva in Switzerland by E-mail has contacted me with the recommendation to present documentation of the entire Fritzen fleet.
A number of ex-Fritzen Seafarers will remember Hans-Jürgen Hollstein. He served as junior until he became chief engineer within this company. He was then working for Cargill International Group as superintendent and technical director in Geneva and Hong Kong from 1974 until his retirement.
At first, I was reluctant, but later I agreed to his proposal. I have to admit that without his help this project would not have developed. Not only did he provide the technical information but also the extensive ship photo materials. For a number of vessels, no photos could be retrieved but via the ship building yards, the sister vessels have been identified and the photos traced.
Further extensive information from following books have been retrieved:

Gert Uwe Detlefsen, “Deutsche Reedereien, Band 12”
Reinhardt Schmelzkopf, „Die deutsche Handelsschiffahrt 1919 -1939 (Band 1 + 2)“
Ludwig Dinklage, „Die deutsche Handelsflotte 1939 -1945 (Band 1 + 2)“
Heinz Schön, „Flucht über die Ostsee 1944/45 im Bild“

„Foto-Flite“ / UK provided photos of the latest Fritzen vessels with their particular permission to publish these photos in the Internet.

Have fun by screening these archives. You will certainly find your Fritzen vessel as well.

Comments, recommendations, or any unpublished ship photos or qualified critics are most welcome.


Short history of the shipping company Fritzen in Emden:
In 1919, Johannes Fritzen became a partner and an associate of the company
Lexzau, Scharbau & Co., founded 1879.
This company was handling shipping and inland waterways transports from the
"Düsseldorfer Stahlverbundes to the sea port of Emden.
In 1923, Johannes Fritzen left this company, and then founded the
"Emder Dampferkompagnie Nübel & Fritzen AG" company with his partner Wilhelm Nübel.

Start with purchased ships.  
1925 dividing of Nuebel and Fritzen.
1926 further purchase of British and German ships. Employment in the
ore and coal shipping.
1936 took possesion of the shipping company Kunstmann in Stettin.
The shipping company is called now "Johs. Fritzen & Sohn".
In world war 2 nearly total casualty of all ships.
1950 first new constructions as "Jacobus Fritzen", followed by
"Reimar Edzard Fritzen" and "Hertha Engeline Fritzen" in the years 1951/1952.
Aditionally two British ships were purchased and in service as "Katharina Dorothea
Fritzen" and "Erika Fritzen".
Further expansion of the Fritzen-fleet, which was in the 50's the largest
shipping company in Emden.
1963 because of financial difficulties Fritzen was taken over by the Thyssen-Bornemisza-Group.
New name is now "Fritzen Schiffsagentur und Bereederungs-GmbH".
End of the 70ies the Swiss company "Suisse-Outremer" takes over all shipping
activities from Emden.
A small tug and ship's agency service remained and was taken over by " Wessels-Schlepp-Gesellschaft mbH
& Co. KG. ". It closed business in 1987. Only the last tug named " Fritzen II " is today still in service in
the port of Emden.
Since 2011 " Johs. Fritzen & Sohn GmbH is again owned by the Fritzen family.
In the same year " Johs. Fritzen & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG " was added in the port of Hamburg.
The scope of service includes project development and project managment in shipbuilding.


IMO 5601936


IMO 1123165

            Call sign: DFZK,  DWT 6.00 LPP 101,41m, B 14,66m, Draft 8,31
1 triple-expansion-engine 1.400 HP, 10 Kts
Ship yard Tyne Iron Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. Newcastle/GB
02.1902 in service as Norwegian TANCRED,
02.1922 sold as HAGEN to Emil Retzlaff, Stettin,
1924 renamed to HERTA ENGELINE FRITZEN, 2.1933 laid up in Emden,
April 1934 broken up at Bremer Vulcan AG, Germany

Call sign: DAXP, DWT 8600, LPP 115,36m, B 16,07m; draft 9,25m
triple-expansion-engine 1.800 HS, ship yard: Richardson, Duck & Co. Stockton/GB
 August 1906 in service as PICTON for E. Thomas, Radcliffe & Co. in Cardiff,
1927 renamed to SEVEN SEAS TRANSPORT.
 March 1929 sold as HEINZ. W. KUNSTMANN to Wilhelm Kunstmann, Stettin.
January 1939 renamed to HERTA ENGELINE FRITZEN.
  10.26.1941 stranded near Hoek van Holland, broken up.


IMO 1129066


IMO 5602146

Call sign: DYBL, DWT 7.100, LPP 110,19m B 15,60m, draft 6,55m, 11 Kts
1 triple-expansion-engine 1.600 HP from Central Marine Engine Works, West Hartlepool/GB
Januayr 1910 as RACHEL to Rachel Steamship Co. Ltd. London,
1918 renamed to GRELARLIE, 1924 as Greek  PERAKIS L. CAMBANIS.
3.6.1940 after German air attack scuttled by crew.
1942 raised and in service as German HERTA ENGELINE FRITZEN.
4.6.1945 sunk heavily damaged in Kiel-Canal.
 April 1949  broken up in Boom/Belgium

 DWT 6.000, LPP 101,85m B 14,67m draft 8,52m,10 Kts
1 triple-expansion-engine 1.600 HP,  ship yard North Eastern Marine Co. Ltd. Sunderland/GBR
14.11.1903 in service as Norwegian TORDENSKJOLD,
2.12.1922 as HUNDING for  Emil Retzlaff, Stettin.
2.1.1925 stranded near Skudesnes/Norway, total loss.


IMO  5602132


IMO  1139168

 DWT 6,115; Draft: 7.74m;  LPP: 103.6m;  Beam  14.63m
triple-expansion-engine  1,600 BHP
  Ship yard Sunderland SB Co., Hull 218;  
In service 09.03.1903 as Norwegian „SARK“.
  1923  renamed to „RADBOD“ for Emder Dampfer Kompagnie Nübel & Fritzen AG, Emden
  1925 renamed to „
KATHARINA DOROTHEA FRITZEN  “ for AG für Handel und Verkehr, Emden
  29.01.1933 broken up in Kiel, Deutsche Werft AG

   DWT 12,350; Draft: 10.67m;  LPP: 138.66m;  Beam 17.98m, call sign DAYU
triple-expansion-engine   3,500 BHP
   Ship yard W. Doxford & Sons, Pallion/GB,  Hull  475; 
In service 11.1916 as „DAGHILD“ for Denmark,
   1937  renamed as „
   05.06.42 sunk by mines near isle of Langeoog / German Bight


IMO  1122838


IMO 1129054

   DWT 7,213; Draft: 7.32m;  LPP: 106.83m;  Beam  15.57m, call sign: DGAN
1 triple-expansion-engine  1,550 BHP
   Ship yard W. Doxford & Sons/GB., Hull  351;  
01.1906 in service as „RYTON“ for GB,
   1913  renamed to „HOGLAND“ for Sweden, 
   1924 renamed to „DAMPFEM“; for Norway;
   1926 in service as „
ERIKA FRITZEN  “ for " AG für Handel & Verkehr"., Emden
   1939  in service as „
ERIKA FRITZEN  “ for "Johs.Fritzen & Sohn", Emden
   26.02.45 sunk by mines of  the RAF in  54.23N 11.59 E

DWT 7213, Draft 7,80 m. LPP 106,32 m, Beam 15,52 m, call sign DGAO
 1 triple-expansion-engine,  1,600 BHP
   Ship yard: W.Doxford & Sons/GB, Hull  410;  11.1909 as „DALEMOOR“ in service for GB
1920 renamed to DALEMEAD
6.4.1923 as RUTH to Emder Reederei AG, Hamburg
July 1926 as
JACOBUS FRITZEN for AG für Handel & Verkehr, Emden
1.1.1939 to Johs. Fritzen & Sohn, Emden
19.1.1941 collision near light vessel ELBE 3 with swedish ship INGEREN
14.10.1942  sunk by russian submarine "D2"south of Trelleborg.


 IMO  3003812


IMO  5601599

     DWT 7,600; Draft: 7.01m;  LPP: 124.14m;  Beam  16.03m, call sign DGZV
1 triple-expansion-engine, 1,800 BHP
  Ship yard: Howaldtswerke, Kiel., Hull  377;   04.1901 as „DROTTNING SOPHIA“ in service for Sweden
   1921  renamed to  „HUGO STINNES 7“; for AG Hugo Stinnes, Hamburg 
   1918  renamed to„ LUCANIA“, in service for Italy
   1929 renamed to „
EMSLAND“  for AG für Handel und Verkehr, Emden
   1923 in service for Kauffartei AG, Hamburg
   1929  in service for Kauffartei Seereederei Adolf Wiards & Co., Hamburg
   20.01.1944 hit by air torpedo and stranded near Stadlandet,

05.02.1944  hit by submarine torpedo and sunk 11.02.1944 after air attack

               DWT  6,130; Draft: 7.23m;  LPP: 100.64m;  Beam  14.28m call sign DESI
1 triple-expansion-engine, 1,500 BHP
   Ship yard: Robert Craggs, Dent`s Wharf/GB., Hull  170; 
10.1901 in service as „BARENDRECHT“ for the Netherlands,
   1914 renamed to „SOPHIA“; in service for Greece
   1915 renamed to „GLITTERTIND“, in service for Norway
   1923 renamed to „VICTOR  SCHUPPE“ for V. Schuppe, Stettin
   1924 renamed to „BRAGA“ for Seereederei Frigga, Hamburg
   1929  renamed to „
EMSRIFF“ for AG für Handel und Verkehr, Emden
   09.33 broken up in Kiel, Deutsche Werke AG


IMO  1104567


 IMO  3003593

     DWT  5,700; Draft: 8.27m;  LPP: 104.75m;  Beam  13.15m
1 triple-expansion-engine, 1,200 BHP
   Ship yard: Barclay, Curle & Co, Whiteinch/GB, Hull  391;  
09.1894  in service as „YANARIVA“ for GB.
1911  renamed to „CROWN OF LEON“; GBR, 
1918  renamed to„LUCANIA“, Italy; 
renamed to „DESI for. Stange & Dreyer / Germany,
renamed to „EMSRIFF“ für Stange & Dreyer,
renamed to EMSHÖRN“ for Johs. Fritzen, Stettin/Germany
   02.1933 broken up in Emden,

 DWT  6,400; Draft: 6.55m;  LPP: 118.81m;  Beam  16.00m, call sign: DGCU
1 triple-expansion-engine, 1,800 BHP
   Ship yard: Howaldtswerke, Kiel., Hull  326;  
3.1900  in service as „OSCAR FREDRIK“ for A. A. Johnson,
renamed to „FRITZ HUGO STINNES 5“; für  Hugo Stinnes /Germany, 
renamed to  „EMSSTROM“ for Lexzau Scharbau & Co., Stettin/Germany

   16.02.1945 hit by air craftTorpedo near Brusterort and strandet.



  IMO   1136786


 IMO  1128961

  DWT 8,100; Draft: 8.05m;  LPP: 118.70m;  Beam  16.30m, call sign: DBAF
1 triple-expansion-engine, 1,800 BHP
   Ship yard: Richardson Duck, Thomaby/GB, Hull  644;
02.1915 in service as „DORINGTON COURT“
renamed to „LALEHAM“ for  Alpha SS Co. GBR
renamed to „HARM FRITZEN  “ for  Johs.Fritzen & Sohn, Emden
12.2.1944 grounded near Haugesund/Norway,
17.3.1944 salvaged and repaired in Copenhagen/Denmark
   01.03.48 sunk with gas ammunition at 47.55N 08.58W by GB

 DWT 7,350; Draft: 7.56m; LPP: 125.0m; Beam  16.55m, call sign:  DBAG
1 triple-expansion-engine, 1,800 BHP
   Ship yard: Rodger & Co. Port Glasgow/GB Febr. 1912, Hull  416;
02.1912 in service as „BARON JEDBURGH“ for GB,
renamed to „IOANNIS VATIS“;
renamed to „PECKHAM“;
renamed toJÜRGEN FRITZEN“ für Johs.Fritzen & Sohn, Stettin
  21.04.1940 sunk 1,5 nm east of Landsort near Stockholm


  IMO 115951


 IMO  1137517

    DWT: 4,600;  Draft: 6.31m; LPP: 95.71m; Beam: 14.17m; call sign:  DBBG
1 triple-expansion-engine,  279 BHP
  Ship yard: J.Blumer, North Dock/GB; Hull  170;  
 in service as „MAGARITA“ for GB
  1922 with the same name for GBR;
renamed to „TILDA“ for Finland;
  1942 in service for Johs.Fritzen &Sohn / GER, 
  1945 handled over to the Japanese Government;
6.07.45 sunk by mines near  Pusan/Korea at 35N 128E

     DWT 8,700; Draft: 7.89m;  LPP: 111.25m;  Beam  15.54m, call sign:  DBAE
1 triple-expansion-engine, 1.450 BHP
   Ship yard: Pickersgill, Southwick/GB. Hull  188; 
07.1916  in service as „MAPLEMORE“ for GB,
renamed to „GIBRALTAR“; GBR, 
renamed to „MEOPHAM“ for GBR; 
renamed toANTJE FRITZEN  “ for Johs.Fritzen & Sohn, Emden
   21.09.43 sunk by soviet attacks on the way to Kirkenes/Norway


 IMO  1129128


 IMO  3008364

     DWT 7,580; Draft: 7.86m;  LPP: 111.13m;  Beam  15.66m,call sign  DAZI
1 triple-expansion-engine, 1,800 BHP
 Ship yard: Irvines Shipbuilding, West Hartlepool/GB., Hull  493; 
08.1910  in service as „LINGFIELD“ for GB,
renamed to „CHATAM“; GBR, 
renamed to „STAR OF CAIRO“ for Egypt;  
renamed to „AYLSHAM“ ;
renamed to „GERRIT FRITZEN  “ for  W. Kunstmann, Emden
   23.11.1939 stranded near Hubertgat (German Bight), total loss
26.1.1940 broken up

     DWT  2450; Draft: 4,78 m;  LPP: 77.90m;  Beam  12..20m, call sign  DGOU
1 triple-expansion-engine, 914   BHP
  Ship yard:  Ouse,Hook/GB, Hull  80;  
06. 1922  in service as „TERNE“ for Denmark
renamed to „SEVEROLES“;
renamed to  „BOHUS“; 
renamed to „GERRIT FRITZEN  “ in service for German Government
   12.03.45 sunk by air attacks of soviet marine air force near Rixhöft


   IMO  5602734
DWT 5,100; Draft: 6..50m;  LPP: 98.76m;  Beam  14.22m, call sign  DAXI
1 triple-expansion-engine, 1,400 BHP
  Ship yard:  J.Blumer/GB, Hull  184;  
1.1906  in service as „ST. ANDREWS“ for Norway,
renamed to „SORTEHAVET“;for Denmark, 
renamed to „ARTHUR KUNSTMANN“ for Wilhelm Kunstmann; Stettin
renamed to „GERTRUD FRITZEN  “ for Johs.Fritzen & Sohn, Emden
   02.05.45 bombed near Travemünde,  February 1946 salvaged,
13.07.46 sunk with gas ammunition at Jutland by GB

   IMO  5615056
DWT  970; Draft: 4.29m;  LPP: 50.62m;  Beam  9.75m, call sign  DAXS
1 Expansion-engine,  400 BHP
  Ship yard: Vulcan-Werke, Stettin/Germany, Hull  315; 
01.1911 in service as „VULCAN“ for Stettiner Vulcan/Germany,
   1914  renamed to „GERDA KUNSTMANN“ for W. Kunstmann, Stettin 
   1938 renamed to „
ANNA KATRIN FRITZEN  “ for Johs. Fritzen & Sohn, Emden
   05.07.42 sunk by soviet u-boat west of Memel at 56.06N 20.50E


( As "Taifun" 1935 in the port of Algier.
Thanks to Peter Nauschütt )

 IMO  1145078

 IMO  5605865

      DWT 10,750; Draft: 10.52m;  LPP: 125.70m;  Beam  17.01m,call sign  DOOR
steam-driven engines with gear, 676 BHP
   Ship yard: Monmouth, Chepstow/GB, Hull  372; 
11.1920  in service as „FIUME“ for Italy
   1920 renamed to „WAR GENIUS“; GB, 
   1926 renamed to „TAIFUN“ for Kauffahrtei AG, Bremen; 
   1938  renamed to„
CARL FRITZEN  “ for Lexzau Scharbau & Co, Emden
  1.1.1939  as „
CARL FRITZEN  “ for Johs.Fritzen & Sohn., Emden
   04.09.39  sunk by the British light cruiser  "Achilles"
near the estuary of the river La Plata at 34.19S 48.29W.
(The crew was saved in their life boats)

   DWT  4,650; Draft: 6.49m;  LPP: 96.49m;  Beam 13.760m, call sign  DAQC
1 triple-expansion-engine, 950 BHP
   Ship yard: Vulcan-Werke, Hamburg, Hull  685; 
 November 1922  in service as „WILHELM KUNSTMANN“ for W. Kunstmann Stettin/Germany,
   January 1938 renamed to „
KLAUS FRITZEN“ for W. Kunstmann, Emden
1940 to Johs. Fritzen & Sohn, Stettin
   04.05.1942 sunk by British bomb attack at Maaloy-Roads  near Bergen.




IMO  3003999 

IMO  1120484

DWT 850; Draft: 3.44m; LPP: 40.46m; Beam 8.58m, call sign  DCKZ
  Steam Engine: 330 BHP
  Ship yard: Helsingborgs Varfd/Sweden,  Hull 25;  
April1902  in service as „FALSTER“ for Sweden,
  1923 renamed to „LARGO“ für SWE;
1939 renamed to „EGON“ for Estonia;
  1942  renamed to „
JÜRGEN FRITZEN“ for Johs.Fritzen & Sohn, Stettin
May 1945 in use to evacuate the people of East Germany
Damaged in Flensburg and laid up..
  16.06.1952 broken up in Emden

DWT 5014; Draft: 6.06m;  LPP: 100.64m;  Beam  14.51m, call sign  DGLR
1 triple-expansion-engine 1,200 BHP
    Ship yard: Gray, Hartlepool/GB, Hull  694;  
1.1905  in service as „LEANDER“ for GB,
   1918 renamed to  „SHEAF DART“ GBR, 
   1929 renamed to  „VIGOR“ for Sweden
   1937 umbenannt in „OSTFRIESLAND“ für  Lexzau, Scharbau & Co., Emden
   1939  renamed to  „T
HEDA FRITZEN  “ for Johs.Fritzen & Sohn, Emden
   17.11.45  sunk with gas ammunition at Jutland by GB



IMO  1135958

IMO  1144634

    DWT 10,300; Draft: 8.01m;  LPP: 127.84m;  Beam  17.28m, call sign  DAZG
1 triple-expansion-engine, 2,400 BHP
   Ship yard: Ropner, Stockton/GB, Hull  486; 
04.1914 in service as „GREAT CITY“ for GB,
   1936 renamed to „RICHMOND HILL“; GBR, 
   1937renamed to „ADAMASTOS“ for Greece; 
   1937 renamed to „
DORA FRITZEN  “ for W. Kunstmann, Stettin
   06.01.45 sunk by torpedos of the Norwegian "MTB722" in the Stavfjord/Norway

          DWT  10,750; Draft: 10.45m;  LPP: 125.70m;  Beam 17.00m, call sign  DOIW
Steam engine, 2,900 BHP
   Ship yard: Monmouth, Chepstow/GB, Hull  369; 
17.07.1920 in service as „SILE“ for Italy,
   1920  renamed to „WAR ILIAD“ for GBR, 
   1926 renamed to „PASSAT“ für  Kauffahrtei AG, Bremen; 
   1939  renamed to „J
ANTJE FRITZEN  “ for Lexzau Scharbau & Co, Emden
   17.11.45  sunk with gas ammunition at Jutland by GB



IMO  5605982
IMO  5605807

                  DWT 4,650; Draft: 6.49 m;  LPP: 96.49m; Beam 13.70m, call sign  DAQI
1 triple-expansion-engine,  950 BHP
  Ship yard: Vulcan-Werke.,Hamburg, Hull  686; 
01.1923 in service as „LINA KUNSTMANN“ for W. Kunstmann, Stettin/Germany
   1938 renamed to „
REIMAR-EDZARD FRITZEN“; for W. Kunstmann, Stettin
   1951 renamed to  „ESCHERSHEIM“ for  Unterweser Reederei, Bremen
  14.01.1963 broken up in Lübeck

   DWT: 7,600 ; Draft: 8.90m;  LPP: 107.64m;  Beam  16.08m, call sign DGRL
1 triple-expansion-engine,  2.200 BHP
   Ship yard:  Ateliers & Chantiers de France, Dunkerque, Hull  113; 
1922 in service as „SAINT OCTAVE“ for France,
4.6.1941 in Dunkerque in service for the German Navy.
   19.12.1941 renamed to  „
ILSE FRITZEN“; for Johs.Fritzen & Sohn by German Navy 
   25.01.1945 attacked by RAF and sunk near Askevold/Norwax



IMO  5602766
IMO  5600842

                              DWT  6,600; Draft: 7.85 m;  LPP: 106.39m;  Beam 15.28m, call sign  DPZW
1 triple-expansion-engine, 1,600 BHP
   Ship yard: Tyne Iron SB Co., Willington Quay/GB, Hull  158; 
06.05.1906 in service as „TRICOLOR“ for "IS DS Tricolor"/ Norway
   1925  renamed to „
WITTEKID“; for Emder Dampferkompagnie Nübel & Fritzen AG
November 1939 as coal hulk for German Navy Yard in Wilhelmshaven
   14.01.1944 on the way from Narvik/Norway to Germany sunk bei RAF near Lister


 DWT 7,100; Draft: 7.97m;  LPP: 116.20m;  Beam 14.63m, call sign  DGBN
1 triple-expansion-engine,  2,000 BHP
   Ship yard: Thompson, JL, North Sands/GB, Hull  345; 
 12.1896 in service as „LAVINIA“ for A.Kirsten/Germany
   1900 renamed to „HERMONTHIS“; for Deutsche Dampfschiff  Ges. „Komos“, 
   1920 renamed to „VALTAMERI“ , for E.W. Hellesten; 
   1925 renamed to „NEUWERK für. H & C Hedrich,
April 1929 renamed to
12.01.1931 laid up in Emden,
End of 1933 broken up at Deutsche Werke AG, Kiel



IMO  3003912

IMO 5604955
  DWT 7,600; Draft: 7.05m;  LPP: 123.82m;  Beam  16.01m
1 triple-expansion-engine, 1,950 BHP
   Ship yard: Howaldtswerke, Kiel, Hull  383;  
 07.1901  in service as „KRONPRINS GUSTAF“ for Sweden
   1921 renamed to  „ADELINE HUGO STINNES 3“; for AG Hugo Stinnes, Seeschiff und Überseehandel,  Hamburg
   1929 renamed to „
STADT EMDEN“ for AG für Handel und Verkehr, Emden
   1936 as „
STADT EMDEN“ for Kauffartei AG., Hamburg
   1937 as „
STADT EMDEN“ for Kauffartei Seereederei Adolf Wiards & Co, Hamburg
   13.06.1943 sunk by British air craft torpedos near Den Helder
 TDW 6870, LPP 107,01 m, B 16,02 m, Draft 8,13 m, call sign: DYBK
  1 triple-expansion-engine, 2975 HP
Ship ard: WM. Gray & Co. West Hartlepool/GB, Hull 927
May 1920 as SAINT FIRMIN to France,
19.6.1940 as "Transporter H 14" for the German Navy,
December 1940 laid up,
19.6.1941 as GOTENHAFEN to Johs. Fritzen & Sohn, Emden,
18.9.1944 in the Weser estuary heavily damaged by RAF firebombs
11.3.1945 sunk in Hamburg
June 1945 salvaged,  July 1947 broken up


IMO 5603462
DWT: 1,202; Draft: 7. 84m;  LPP:  88.93m;  Beam  12.71m 
1 triple-expansion-engine 3,300 BHP, 16 Knoten
   Ship yard: Helsingor Vaerft, Elsinore in Denmark,  Hull  140;  
25.07.1913 as „A.P.BERNSTORFF“ in service for Denmark,
   1944  renamed to „
RENATE“; in service for German Navy,staffed Johs. Fritzen & Sohn
   30.08.1944 bombed in Stettin, repaired
  02.04.1945 as hospital ship with 500 casualties bombed again in the Baltic Sea
   19.6.1945 from the Allied given back to Denmark, again as „A.P.BERNSTORFF“ in service
   1947 retrofitted from coal firing to oil firing,
   07.11.1953 to 1955 laid up in Esbjerg/Denmark
   28.03.1957 broken up in Hamburg

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