M/S "Terje Vigen"



      IMO: 7108203
M/V "Terje Vigen", Call Sign
: DIAV, 
RORO-Ferry, 5.731 Tons, Launched: 24.04.1971 In service: 15.03.73

L: 116,6 m B: 19,2m, Soeed: 18 Kts Builder: Nouvelle Havre, Le Havre/F.
Engine: Pielstick 12PC2V-400; 12,000 BHP, 520 RPM, 2 screws
In Service for Jens C. Hagen, Oslo
1975 as "Armorique", for Brittany Ferry Routes until 12/25/1993
1993 as "Min Nan" to Xiamen/China until 10/06 1997
1998 as "Sheng Sheng", until 12/31 2003
2003 as "Tirta Kencana I" to Indonesia
for Dharma Lautan Utama, Surabaya until 04/02 2010
From this time as indonesian "Musthika Kencana II"
Since 04-07-2011 in casualty or repairs.

Seafaring time (Vacation Agent): 
11.06.73 - 09.07.73 u. 11.06.74 - 09.07.74

Combine MF-HF-Main transmitter, "Nera" with
1.2 KW


In the background, the "Redifon" main receiver.

On the "Terje Vigen" I traveled only as a vacation agent , but she nevertheless deserves attention because she was no normal freighter, rather a ferry  ship on line service between (Danish) Aarhus and Oslo.
She could carry 400 passengers in 1'st and 2'nd class, 165 trucks, and 19 trailers.  The departure time in Aarhus was 4:00 pm and arrival time in Oslo was 8:00 am. The traffic increase was high, but simple.  Most passengers had almost no voice in preference of radio communication over UKW, Lyngby Radio, Skagen Radio, or Tjöme Rado at all times with respect to the ship's position. 
Passenger communication was several decks lower in a telephone room, where I put through the radio connections.  Back and forth it went about arrival time through bad weather.  I might for two hours use a channel to the respective coastal station. One day I remember very well that I must send a telegram of about 150 words from a passenger to England.  I welcomed the opportunity to finally use the telegraph key.  During the ten minute exchange with Portishead Radio there was burning dust from the transmitter which had not been used for perhaps a month.
It was very unlucky that the arrest and holding cell was directly over my room.  Regrettably, every night there was a passenger "too deep in the glass" in there, making noise. (small wonder with the low price for alcohol)  Many "Board Commandos" lay there in high form singing and carrying on.  Mostly I would go to the bar in hopes that my cell-neighbor would go to sleep....

So it was on the "Terje Vigen" - this ship was the end of my active sea-faring time.  It is perhaps the only one of my former ships that today sails.  Recent good information is that today it is the "Min Nan" in distant China.
My later radio career is now under Norddeich Radio.


VHF Transceiver  - 
MF Emergency Transmitter  -  Emergency Receiver

Communication position. In the center is the "general call to all decks and divisions."  The electronic keyer is an "ETM 3C"


Autoalarm Receiver  - 
MF-Transveiver  - 
Redifon Main Receiver