"QSG .."

Every radio operator probably knows the Q-Signal QSG (Send ... telegrams at a time) from radio practice. This is a signal which is not often used, and to comply, (sending telegrams in-line, batch mode, without individual confirmation, with confirmation only at the end) certain suppositions must be fulfilled:
1.  He must have several telegrams to handle.
2.  He must have a loud and disturbance free signal.
3.  His hand-keying must be unobjectionable to copy.

All these requirements were fulfilled by a lady radio operator on a ship to a shipping firm in Flensburg, and it must have been the beginning of Christmas time in 1980.  I was at that time working with Norddeich Radio and knew full well that she was a "YL," (young lady) as I had often worked her on radiotelephone.  At that time it was unusual to find female radio operators at sea.

She had approximately 20 telegrams to transmit to Norddeich Radio .  After reception and confirmation of the first telegram, I sent, "PSE QSG MIT KLEINER PAUSE," (Please send telegrams in line with a small pause between end and beginning.)  She ignored that, and waited for QSL (confirmation) after the next telegram.  OK, now I gave the Q-signal some stress.

"QRV PSE Q S G"  That brought also nothing, so I gave the Q-signal twice. QSG  Q S G
Now I gave a long sending pause, hoping that perhaps she would check the "Handbook for Radio Operators" and clarify the meaning of QSG.  Following, she began transmission of telegram Nr. 4.  Relaxing, I leaned back in my chair, now everything seemed clear. At the end of her transmission she again paused, waiting for confirmation.

I sent: "Please send telegrams in line, one after the other."  After a short pause came the answer: "Yes, I already transmit telegrams stretched out one after the other."  I cannot follow this (female ?) logic.  The traffic again went on without QSG.