Personal Data

Born 1944 in Marienwerder, West Prussia.
Grew up on the island of Föhr in the German Bight.
1964-1967 Attended the Marine School at Leer in Ostfriesland for training as Radio Officer 2'nd Class certificate, and subsequently served as Radio Officer on several German ships.
1971 Attended the Marine School again, this time for Radio Officer 1'st Class certificate.
At the end of 1971 began working for Norddeich Radio at the coastal radio station of the former German Postal Service until 1996.
1996-1999  Worked in the Data Service Center, Norddeich, last as consultant for ALF, (Accurate Positioning by Low Frequencies) a data-correction system for dGPS.
July 1999  Left Deutsche Telekom and began premature retirement.
Since April 2000 again active as radio operator, this time as Amateur Radio DL7DAN.
March 2001 passed an Upgrading Course for GMDSS Operator Certificate (GOC).
Living since 1971 in Norden, Ostfriesland.
Radio operation and love of seafaring seem to me to be a continuous thread throughout my life. I also have family tradition from my ancestors from Pommern. My grandfather served in the Kaiser's imperial navy, and my father served in the Kaiser's imperial navy, the Reichsmarine, and the Kriegsmarine. I grew up on the sea, and it was my understanding and choice to go to sea.

Radio operation I originally thought was merely an accident, but it became my profession, and eventually a vocation.

This profession, (radio operation) is today a fast-dying art, and this home-page is dedicated to all former colleagues and friends of seafaring.