" PCS"  or "PC5"  ?

I didn't experience this episode personally, but my last supervisor at Norddeich Radio thought that it would fit nicely into this category .
As it was told to me, It gives a little sense of the atmosphere at Norddeich Radio; a sense of humor, sometimes a little rough, however it has little similarity to the experience with a strict "German-Official-Room. "
Too many individualists were employed there, and some situations such as sudden events like distress or urgency traffic, simply didn't permit un-official practice.
It was the middle to late 1960's, and Colleague “D.” had gotten privately a new morse keyer. It was a so-called semi-automatic key (Bug) of a very known company in the U.S.A. (I must say here that the service key at Norddeich Radio was the well-known "Junker-Key," but slowly also modern types found entrance, such as Bug and Electronic-Keyers. However, initially they were only tolerated  by the management. They only became standard-equipment at the end of the 1970's.)
Colleague D. absolutely now wanted to try out his new bug  in the night-service. Initially it couldn't happen because he sat from 20 - 24 o'clock at a radio-telephony position, but he went after midnight on the 500 kHz watch position. He was very determined, and unpacked the new splendor-piece and wiped off the chrome-parts with tissue, with an affectionate look in his eyes.
Now it began: OM D. watched on 500 kHz and soon the first duty came; the supervisor came to him and said: "Mister D. please call Scheveningen Radio on 500. I would like them to call the ship with the call sign DABF. It is entering Rotterdam in a few hours."
Such a call was only a short routine: "PCH DE DAN PSE QRW DABF ERE TFC" (Scheveningen Radio this is Nordeich Radio, please inform DABF that we have traffic for the ship) That was finally the big appearance for Colleague D. with his new bug. He  quickly switched on the loudspeaker so that all the OM's in the radio room could listen.
1. attempt: " PCS.. "  Total fiasco!  (He intended PCH of course). The supervisor lifted his eyebrows, the other radio operators in the radio-room lifted their heads.
2. Attempt: " PC5... "  again total fiasco! From the other positions laughter of the colleagues was heard.
Easily provoked, the supervisor said: " Mister D. please use the new bug in service only when you are competent with it.“
OM D. packed the bug away with a red face, and again connected the good old “Junker-key".
The remaining radio-traffic then proceeded quite normally on 500 Khz .....