Ships Photo Archive of the Shipping Company Nübel
in Emden from 1923 until 1968


25th of April 1914 Wilhelm Nübel established the company „Emder Reederei Aktiengesellschaft“ and concluded a close cooperation
 with the ship owner Johannes Fritzen. Nübel started with smaller and older 2nd hand vessels.
The first larger vessel “Sark” was purchased from Wihelm Wihelmsen in Norway January 1923.

1923 Wilhelm Nübel and Johannes Fritzen founded the company “Emder Dampferkompagnie Nübel & Fritzen”.
The “Sark” was renamed “Radbod”. At the beginning the vessel was employed in the iron ore trade but later
employed in the timber trade only as preferred by Wilhelm Nübel.             

The freightrates in the timber trade were not profitable and Johannes Fritzen
 preferred the more profitable iron ore trade. In 1925 it was decided to split both companies again in good terms.

The Nübel shipping company was renamed “Emder Dampfer Kompagnie AG”.

Following vessels were purchased as 2nd hand vessels or were ordered as newbuildings  by the “Emder Dampfer Kompagnie AG”.                                                                                                                             

"Radbod" (1923)               „Wittekind“ (1925)            „Hildegard“ (1929)            
„Radbod“ ex „Victoria W. Kunstmann“  (1936)        „Bernlef“  (1937)              
„Gisela“ (1938)                   „Eliza Nübel“ (1950)         „Wilhelm Nübel“ (1951) 
„Berni Nübel“  (1952)        „Otto Nübel“ (1953)         ,,Erin Nübel“ (1954)          
„Anni Nübel“ (1956)          „Mary Nübel“ (1959)    

1968 after 54 years  the Nübel “Emder Dampfer Kompagnie AG” finally ceased all shipping operations.

This web site was set-up by Hans-Jörg Pust assisted by Hans-Jürgen Hollstein,  who  provided   the technical details for the Nübel vessels .
Additional information were achieved from the book “Deutsche Reedereien, Band 12”, written by Gert Uwe Detlefsen.
Many thanks for the kind assistance given by the “Freunde der Seefahrt e.V.” in Emden and
Ernst Richter for his additional valuable  information


Flag of the shipping company

Emsmauer Str. 1, Emden
Destination for many Nübel-Sailors for several generations.

Heraldic Figure of  Emden



      (shown as former "Phecta"

(shown as former Victoria W. Kunstmann)
                                               IMO 5602132

September 1903 Sunderland Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Sunderland/UK
DWT : 6116 mt;   Hull : 218
LPP 103,63; Beam :14,63;  Draft : 7,74;  Depth : 8,56 m
Triple exp. steam engine 622x1016x1651/1067    BHP : 1600 
ID           Year   Name        Tons        Change         Registered Owner Port
5602132  1903   SARK      3560                             A/S Sark NOR Tonsberg
RADBOD  1923   Emder Dampfer Kompagnie Nübel & Fritzen AG
KATHARINA DOROTHEA FRITZEN 1925  AG für Handel u. Verkehr  Emden

29.1.1933 arrival Kiel and sold for scrapping to „Deutsche Werke Kiel AG“.


                                           IMO 5602766

Mai 1906 Tyne Iron Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Newcastle/UK
DWT: 6600 mt, Hull 158      
LPP: 106,39 m, Beam: 15,28 m, Draft: 7,85 m Depth: 8,60 m
Triple exp. Steam engine 660x1079x1765/1143    1600  2  12,7  548     
Blair & Co. Ltd., Stockton         27

 "Tricolor" W. Wilhelmsen, Tönsberg (NOR).
1906 IS DS Tricolor (wie vorher). 1913 Wilhelmsen DS AS (as before).
" WITTEKIND" Emder Dampfer Co. Nübel & Fritzen AG, Emden
Emder Dampfer Co. AG. 1929 (Wilh. Nübel).
26.8.1939 arrival Lübeck from Rotterdam, employed by the German Navy as coal carrier.

01.1944 trip from Narvik to Germany at Lister bombed by English
planes of the special
Anti Shipping Squadrons 144 und 404 and sunk.

                                                 IMO 56027190

11.8.1906 Bonn & Mees, Rotterdam 
DWT: 4425 mt, Hull: 174, Crew: 22   
LOA: 93,29 m, Beam: 13,63 m, Draft: 6,52 m, Depth: 7,21 m             
Triple exp. Steam engine 580x960x1570/990    1200  (70)  2  11,2  333
Koningl. Mij. "De Schelde", Vlissingen    22
Phecda" Van Nievelt, Goudriaan & Co., Rotterdam (NL).
1912 Van Nievelt, Goudriaan & Co’s Stoomvaart Mij. (as before).
March 1918 until 1919 under US Government (US Shipping Board) control..
15.3.1922 "HILDEGARD" Emder Reederei AG, Hamburg (Wilh. Nübel)
23.9.1925 "Frithjof" Reederei Frithjof GmbH, Hamburg.

21.1.1926 "Tagila" Seereederei GmbH, Hamburg (DEU).
8.11.1926   Emder Dampfer Co. AG and home port relocated to Emden
February 1929 (Wilh. Nübel
26.8.1939  Rotterdam for Wilhelmshaven.
May 1945 in Cuxhaven.

17.11.1945 sunk in Skagerrak with gas ammunition.
                                               IMO 1129150

1910 als engl. HOVA für F. S. Holland, London in Dienst
Tons 4.383, DWT 7.800, L: 115,8 m, B: 14,9 m, Tiefgang: 7,20 m
Bauwerft Northumberland SB Co., Howdon-on-Tyne/GB, Bau-Nr. 175
Dreifach-Expansions-Dampfmaschine, 1.800 PS
1917  HOVA,  Union-Castle Mail SS Co. Ltd. , London
1920 CRAWFORD CASTLE,   Union-Castle Mail SS Co. Ltd. , London
1930  VICTORIA W. KUNSTMANN für W. Kunstmann, Stettin
1936  RADBOD Emder Dampfer Kompagnie AG, Emden

05.12.1944 in Selbervik/Örstenfjord near Aalesund bombed and sunk by English air planes of the special Anti Shipping Squadrons 455 and 489.


(shown as later "Knausen")




 IMO  1142848

1.7./18.10.1919 Ardrossan Drydock & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.,
Ardrossan/UK  Baunr. (304)
DWT: 4056 mt, Hull: 304
LPP: 92,08 m ; Beam: 13,11 m; Draft: 6,28 m ; Depth: 7,01 m
Triple exp. Steam engine 560x901x1500/990  
BHP :1500=1350  2  12,7  4
Mc Kie & Baxter, Glasgow           Crew:  24
War Olive" The Shipping Controller, London (GBR).
1919 "Hunstanworth" R. S. Dalgliesh, Newcastle.
1937 "Seven Seas Sound" Anglo Canadian Shipping Co. Ltd. (W. Vaughan Ltd.), Cardiff. April 1937/FA 31.5.1937
17.6.1937 "BERNLEF"  Emder Dampfer Co. AG (Wilh. Nübel), Hamburg (DEU). 18.5.1945 in Kiel and later to Copenhagen.

08.1945 On trip from Copenhagen to pos. 56.10 N 12.07 O near
Gilleloje/Nord Seeland
hit by mines causing explosion of the ammunition cargo
 and vessel sun


                                          IMO  5607837

Juli/2.9.1909 AG “Neptun”, Rostock 
DWT: 1850 mt, Hull: 294
LPP 78,05 m, Beam: 10,88 m, Draft: 5,18 m

Triple exp. steam engine 435x700x1190/800 BHP: 900                 
2.9.1909 “Gretchen Müller" Otto A. Müller, Hamburg (DEU).
May 1938 "GISELA" Emder Dampfer Co. AG (Wilh. Nübel), Emden.
19.12.1943 sunk in Stavanger after collision,
June 1944  salvaged and laid up. May 1945 repaired in Stavanger.
1945 Norwegian Government Oslo (NOR).
10.11.1945 as wreck to Taranger Bjergningselsk.
(J.Taranger), Bergen
11.12.1947 “Torvang”.
1948 Salvage vessel at Haugesunds
08.11.1951  “Knausen T. Kyrik, Haugesund.              
4.10.1954 “Straum Bröd. Utkilens Rederi, Bergen.

03.02.1958 during the voyage Huelva - Mostyn with Sulphur granulate
stranded in the river  Dee
. Salvaged with ripped open hull and towed to Mostyn to discharge the cargo. Declared as total loss to the Insurance
“Aeolus" in Bergen.
arch 1958 sold to British Iron & Steel Co. for scrapping by T. W. Ward Ltd.
in Barrow.


                 IMO  1160209

    Mai/Juli 1928 D. & W. Henderson & Co. Ltd., Glasgow 
    DWT : 8487mt ;    Hull : 817
      Crew : 35  (Pas. 2)
    LPP:122,56 m; Beam:15,91m; Draft:8,32 m; Depth: 9,09 m
    Triple exp. steam engine 635x1041x1727/1295   BHP : 2000 
"Nyanza" Maclay & Mc Intyre Ltd., Glasgow (GBR).
    1928 SS "Mombasa"  (as before).
  Emder Dampfer Co. AG, Emden (DEU

     09.11.1960 arrival Aviles, 10.11.1960 handed over for scrapping

                                          IMO  5309889

28.11.1950 Nordseewerke Emden GmbH, Emden
DWT : 4150 mt;      Hull : 236   Crew : 26 (Pas.6)
LPP: 90,57 m; Draft:13,25 m; Draft:7,21 m, Depth:7,90 m
2xdouble exp. Steam engine und A 2x370 und 2x800/800    BHP: 1250 
Ottenser Eisenwerk AG, Hamb.‑Altona; Bremer Vulkan,
WILHELM NÜBEL", Emder Dampfer Co. AG, Emden (DEU).
1961 "Aghios Gerassimos"  Cia Naviera Vlanasty SA, Beirut (LBN).
"San Gerasimos".

21.3.1970 during the voyage  Galatz ‑ Kalamata ‑ Lissabon with maize cargo, 70 Miles west of Zante in heavy weather and sea, fire in the engine room broke out causing „dead vessel“, Greek vessel
MT „Stavros E“
took “Wilhelm Nübel“ in tow.
22.03.1970  in pos. 36.43 N 19.21 O turned over due to heavy waves and sunk. The whole crew manged to leave the vessel intime.






IMO  5042742
02.09.1952 Schulte & Bruns - Abteil. Werft & Dockbetrieb, Emden 
DWT : 1280 mt;     Hull :  162
LPP : 63,02 m; Beam :10,64m ; Drafts: 3,21‑4,00 m; Depth :6,25 m
1 Mot. 4Te 8x320/450   
BHP : 925  (375/132) RPM
Engine Klöckner Humboldt Deutz AG, Köln‑D ; Type RBV8M545  
" Emder Dampfer Co. AG, Emden (DEU).
1968 "Kypros" Partnership KR Yannoutsos, Piraeus (GRC).
1969                P. Kikis & Others. 1977 A. Bouloubassis & Co.
1980                A. Bouloubassis & N. Gianoutsos & Co.
1980 "Agios Nikolaos" Salamis Maritime Co., Piraeus.
1985 „Najib“ J. H. Y. Arhama, ? (ARE).
1987 „Khalid.

13.12.1987 arrival Gadani Beach in Pakistan for scrapping.

IMO  5267316

20.07.1953 Schulte & Bruns‑Abteil. Werft & Dockbetr., Emden
DWT : 1560 mt ;   Hull :  163
                   Crew : 15  (Pas. 4)
LPP 64,88;  LOA 70.6 ; Beam : 10,62m; Drafts: 3,66‑4,45m ; Depth :6,25 m
1 Mot. 4Te 6x420/660    BHP :1250 
RPM :(250/155) ; Type RBV6M366
Klöckner Humboldt Deutz AG, Köln‑D  
"OTTO NÜBEL Emder Dampfer Co. AG, Emden (DEU).
1969 "Maria III" D. Gioldassis, Piraeus (GRC). 1969 & K. Maroulis.
                Jason Maritime Co. Ltd.

06.01.1979 During the voyage Valencia - Ravenna with a bean cargo, near Cala del Lleo/Tagomago Island-Majorca, the vessel caught fire after an explosion in the engine room, stranded and partly sunk.
The crew abandoned the vessel and declared it as a total loss.

                IMO  5105532

05.08.1954 Schulte & Bruns‑Abteil. Werft & Dockbetrieb, Emden
DWT : 1551 mt;              Hull :  166       Crew : 16  (2 Pas.)
LPP 64,88; LOA 70.6; Beam :10,62m; Drafts :3,66‑4,45m; Depth :6,25 m
1 Mot. 4Te 6x420/660   BHP :1250  RPM : (250/153) ; Type RBV6M366
Klöckner Humboldt Deutz AGT. Köln‑D 
"ERIN NÜBEL Emder Dampfer Co. AG, Emden (DEU).
1968 "Totila" L. Bakker, Emden.

1969 "Charis" G. Souriadakis & P. Bertos, Piraeus (GRC). 1970 G. Souriadakis. 1972 "Apostolos" A. Bouloubassis & N. Gianoutsos, Piraeus
1977 "Apostolo A" Promitheas Shipping Co. Ltd., Limassol (CYP).
1984 F. Aravanis.

14.10.1984 Handing over in Piraeus for scrapping to
D. Katsimichas & P. Kalidonis
01.11.1984 Scrapping started in Perama.

                                                    IMO  5019173

12.12.1956 Schulte & Bruns Schiffswerft, Emden 
DWT : 3025 mt;       Hull :  186
       Crew : 22  (Pas. 2)
LOA 79,00; LPP 74.00; Beam : 12,06m; Draft :6,42 m; Depth : 7,07 m
2 Mot. m. Getr. 4Te 6x320/480  BHP: 1500 
RPM: (375/140); Type TRH348AU
oren-Werke Mannheim AG, Mannheim
ANNI NÜBEL" Emder Dampfer Co. AG, Emden (DEU).
                        Dezember 1963 O. Schilling.
1967 "Nordheim" Heimathafen Hamburg.
1969 "Ingrid". 1970 I. Freudenberg Bereederung Reederei.
1971 I. Freudenberg, Mogadiscio SOM).
1972 "Nordina" Erjac Ocean Lines Ltd., Mogadiscio.
1974 "Corrado" Hella Caribbean Shipping Co. Ltd., Georgetown/CI (Br).
1981 "Alpha Michel" Sea & Land Finance Co., Panama (PAN).
1985 “Hamriya
1987 “Hamriya I”unknown owner,


08.06.1987 arrival Gadani Beach for scrapping.



                                                                   IMO 5227744

              09.04.1959 Scheepswerf "De Beer" NV, Zaandam  (1174)
              DWT : 7625 mt;       Hull : 1174

              LOA : 112,66 m; Beam :16,06 m; Drafts: 6,01m; 8,86‑7,25/9,75 m
              2 Mot. m. Getr. 4Te 9x400/600    BHP :3800  RPM : (275/125)
    MAN AG, Hamburg
           "MARY NÜBEL" Emder Dampfer Co. AG, Emden (DEU).
              1968 "Madhumati" National Shipping Co., Karachi (PAK).
             1973 "Faridpur" Bangladesh Shipping Co., Chittagong (BGD).
              20.12.1980  Chittagong and laid up.
              12.08.1983 broken up by "Eastern Engineering" in Chittagong