"Go to Channel 00 "

When this episode happened, I can today not exactly explain.  It must have been in the middle of the 1980's of my time with Norddeich Radio.  At every time we had "complaint notes" from radio operators on German ships.  That was not extraordinary, equally we received thank you notes from ships.  Once I received a thank you note which regrettably later left me "Twisting in the wind," about which I will relate in another place.  If we sent a complaint note, we cleared it internally, and recorded it in the day's logbook with the names of the afflicted workers.  The contents of these writings were so amusing that many workers with DAN were
acquainted with them.

Taken from the beginning:  A colleague had both a maritime radio license, and an amateur radio license, and went to sea to improve his skills.  He was, perhaps, more amateur than professional, and could be said to have a "Deficit," in his traffic handling capabilities.  The following explains all...

"On June 15'th I went to Rotterdam and went on board the M/S .....  " as radio operator.  Shortly after leaving Rotterdam I called Norddeich Radio on VHF  Channel 16 for a conversation.  (Channel 16 is the international calling and emergency frequency for maritime on VHF.  Frequency 156.8 mHz.)

Regrettably I received no answer.  More distant calls brought no response.  After about 45 minutes I finally received an answer: Go to Channel 00, that is the s--t house.  I went to Channel 00 and heard no answer.  I wish to complain about the rude working manners and attitude from Norddeich Radio, and why my former calls were not heard."

The condition of a colleagues attitude is naturally not possible to know, but it is wholly clear that:

1.  Normally from the river Schelde near Rotterdam, on VHF a direct connection with Norddeich Radio is not possible.
2.  The answer, "Go to Channel 00, that is the s--t house," obviously came from a German ship in the neighborhood, whose operator
was annoyed by the sensless long calls.
3.  Use of Channel 00 was technically illegal, not being an assigned maritime frequency.

That was the story from channel 00.