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Amateur Radio Activity |   DL7DAN  DL7DAN/MM (Again at Sea in 2004)
Amateur Radio Activity

Participants in the course of instruction over
 Easter 2000 in Göttingen

           Our trainers: Bruno - DL5AAP,  Edeltraud -DL9ABD, 
          Stefan - DL2OCB

               CW-Operators practicing. In the middle our
               trainer Bruno, DL5AAP
During the sea-time and service time with Norddeich Radio, the theme Amateur Radio played no role.  The "Deutsche Bundespost" grants no amateur license for knowledge and experience from Maritime Mobile or Norddeich Radio.  If I had worked on ships of the GDR, I would get no credit at all. With Norddeich Radio during my service time I made so many QSO's (radio contacts) that in my free time I would "switch gears."  Understandably, one would have other things in his head. In 1996  I ended my career as commercial radio operator, and after that time I noticed that something was missing - acquaintance with Radio. Then came directly the 14-days course of instruction of the DARC (German Amateur Radio Club) over Easter 2000 in Göttingen. Looking at the study questions, I knew perhaps what was coming; I must put aside almost 30 years of my trifling knowledge in vacuum tube and transistor technique, and make a new start. Beforehand, in Göttingen, I had not revealed that I was a professional radio operator with Norddeich Radio. Also I had no concern about the CW practice hour. Naturally I felt that I could copy at any speed error-free.  Corresponding questions I answered easily with reference to my maritime service - the answers were not totally pulled from the air! One difficulty I had was that I could not transmit at the very slow speed of 60-70 characters per minute (12-14 wpm). I experimented a little with longer pauses to compensate. I remember that Bruno, our CW-Trainer, saw me as very strange.  In technical questions  I was apprehensive, and the first tests were not very promising. At the end of the study course, I did very well with CW, which left me free to concentrate on the technical questions. I wish at this point to sing praises to our trainers; Edeltraud (DL9ABD), Stefan (DL2OCB), and Bruno (DL5AAP) who helped the unsteady candidates through the official course of study, and later to a private celebration, and that included me. The tests ended well - "all's well that ends well," and I have my license.  
I am now DL7DAN.


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